• Holfeld Plastics have developed a low density foamed rPET material (rPETeCO).
  • Reduced density of the rPET material by >20% to give a specific gravity of approx. 1.05
  • Material has unique aesthetic features (Natural touch and feel)
  • Material is easier to cut than standard rPET/APET sheet
  • Retains up to 90% gas barrier performance of rPET (greater than 25 better than PP)
  • Material developed under European Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI) funded project RPET-FOAM (project no. 277435)
  • On awarding the grant to Holfeld the EACI commented that rPET-eco was “highly relevant and innovative with clear and substantial environmental benefits” and had “large potential to deliver in food and other packaging markets”.

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