Sustainable Packaging

Holfeld Plastics are leaders in Sustainable Packaging in Ireland, England and Northern Europe. One of the key benefits of our recycled PET (rPET) raw material is that it’s approximately 80% lower in terms of its carbon footprint than virgin PET or Polypropylene.

We’re currently in the process of launching a revolutionary new low carbon rPET material (rPET-ECO), with a specific gravity of just 1g/cm3. This will be launched shortly into the fresh food market, rPET-ECO offers easy cut, low temperature forming while also providing a very attractive looking product.

Holfeld recently launched a new mono rPET material called ‘Holseal’ to eliminate the requirement for an additional PE layer to achieve a ‘lock seal’ in primary poultry applications. This is a mono material that is fully recyclable.

We are also working on a range of active packaging technologies, which use a natural anti-microbial product, reducing oxidisation for additional food safety and longer shelf life. We expect these to be launched in 2011.

We use Vacurema and Diamat Superclean extrusion technologies for all post consumer recycle destined for direct food contact. These technologies have full FDA approval and are registered with the European Food Safety Authority, (EFSA) in accordance with EC Regulation 282/2008 under the application numbers EFSA/CEF/REC/1725 and EFSA/CEF/REC/2400.