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Peer reviewed scientific publications 

1.    Byrne, F., P.G. Ward, J. Kennedy, N. Imaz, D. Hughes, and D.P. Dowling. 2009. A study of the effect of masterbatch addition on the mechanical, thermal, optical and surface properties of poly(lactic acid). Journal of Polymers and the Environment. 17: 28-33

2.    Tynan, J., Ward, P., Byrne, G. and D.P. Dowling. 2009. Deposition of biodegradable polycaprolactone coatings using an in-line atmospheric pressure plasma system. Plasma Processes and Polymers. 6: S51-S56

3.    Tynan, J, Law, V.J., Ward, P., Hynes A.M., Cullen, J, Byrne G., Dowling, D.P. 2010. Comparison of industrial and pilot atmospheric pressure plasma systems using in-line diagnostic techniques for quality control. Plasma Sources Science and Technology 19: 015015

4.    Taghizadeh M., Gowen A., Ward P.G. and C.P. O’Donnell. 2010. Use of hyperspectral imaging for evaluation of the shelf-life of fresh white button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) stored in different packaging films. Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies. 11: (3), p.423-431, Jul 2010