Holfeld Innovation

Holfeld Plastics aim is to be recognised as the most responsive and innovative supplier of recycled PET packaging in Europe. To achieve this goal we apply the most appropriate and best value technology available to deliver innovative environmentally friendly packaging solutions on time and within the budget of our customer.

Our industry moves very quickly, and to ensure that we stay at the very forefront, we invest heavily in Research and Development. Holfeld plastics have developed an internal research capacity and have work closely with industrial and academic partners on a number of research projects funded through National and European agencies. Since 2005 Holfeld Plastics have been involved in 6 major funded R&D projects worth in excess of €6 million.  

An example of the innovation carried out by Holfeld Plastics is the recent development of Holseal, a technology which improves the sealability of our rPET/APET products. Holseal products have strong seal integrity and excellent consistency. This technology produces packaging which will seal at lower temperatures and through food contamination.

Description of research projects European/National Level Project duration Website
Enterprise Ireland RTI programme National level 2005-2007  
Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership National level 2006-2008  
Enterprise Ireland Capability Programme   2008-2010  
FP6 "PLUGIN" Project European level 2006-2008 www.plugin-thermoforming.eu
FP7 RPET-FC project European level 2009-2011 www.rpet-fc.eu
Science Foundation Ireland Cluster Programme
Precision - Plasma Technology for Nano Manufacturing
National level 2008-2011 www.ncpst.ie