Fresh Produce

As one of Europe’s leading suppliers of fresh produce punnets we produce well designed products for soft fruit, tomatoes and salads in recycled PET with a blend of at least 85% recycled material. We manufacture standard and bespoke packaging for all types of fruit and vegetables in a choice of colours. Sensitive ribbing provides excellent on shelf presentation without compromising on product protection and food safety.


A range of r-PET trays specially designed for the prepared foods market. At Holfeld we are always designing packaging that will present prepared foods in the most appealing way giving our customers commercial advantage in a highly competitive marketplace.

Red Meat

The company offers a range of trays designed for modified atmosphere packaging in materials APET, PET with PE laminate in a variety of colours from shallow to roasting depths.

Fish & Poultry

A full series of products for the fish and poultry packing sectors meeting the requirements of industrial packing systems all available in a wide range of depths, designs and colours. The 'S' range is suited to wet fish packing but can just as easily accommodate poultry.


The range consists of 7 varying depths of punnets from 150g to 750g for all types of mushroom species. The punnets are manufactured in recycled PET with at least 85% post consumer recyclate. PET is a natural choice of material for mushroom punnets with an increased CO2 saving in the manufacturing process than the equivalent Polypropylene (PP).


Holfeld are specialists in bespoke packaging operating in a number of market sectors. They work closely with customers in developing highly personalised and distinctive designs that stand out enhancing product and brand recognition.

Roll Stock

Holfeld Plastics started supplying reel sheet in 2009. The company experienced a significant demand for material based on consistent quality and innovation (Holseal +rPETeCO).