World-class packaging triumphs at the premier Worldstar Packaging Awards

Posted by DavidRiley on June 3, 2016

World-beating packaging from Waddington Europe

Date: May 26

Place: Budapest

Event: Worldstar Award

Winner: Hydrozorb H-PET food contact material


Centre: Angela Grant, Planning & Production Development Manager, Holfeld Plastics - far right: Andrew Doyle, Purchasing Manager, Holfeld Plastics

For the 2nd year running we're on the shoulders of giants with yet another world-class packaging development at the Worldstar Awards re-emphasising New Product Development expertise.

You can read more about H-PET HERE

'H-PET offers significant merit in the material wich both extends shelf-life and has the potential to significantly reduce waste' commented the judge at Starpack 2015.

Back to back success at the Worldstar Awards in May this year against 233 entries from 35 countries - Waddington Europe and Holfeld Plastics was one of 15 UK winners in the Food Packaging categories.

H-PET is a low carbon, lightweight r-PET material blended with organic and inorganic fillers 100% recyclable in the waste stream demonstrating altered characteristics. A further distinction is that it has all the commercial advantages of polystyrene and none of the environmental consequences associated with styrene.

H-PET has been specially formulated for pre-packed produce. The material reduces surface tension capturing condensation in products such as mushrooms offering improved shelf life over Polypropylene (PP).


Success at the Worldstar 2016 awards comes on the back of 3 years of accolades at major packaging awards.