Waddington Europe strike GOLD at Starpack for TOP moisture-absorber H-PET

Posted by admin on September 17, 2015

No sweat – Waddington Europe wins top GOLD award at Starpack 2015


Holfeld Plastics a member of Waddington Europe has taken the top Gold award in the Greenstar Sustainable category – they were also runners up in the ‘Best of Show’ award. This is the second consecutive year that Holfeld has triumphed at Starpack.


Hydrozorb (H-PET) is a new packaging material with altered characteristics perfectly designed to reduce surface tension and capture condensation in pre-packed produce such as mushrooms offering improved shelf life over standard r-PET. In testing H-PET absorbed 625% more moisture* than PP a standard packaging material for mushrooms.


With its environmental credentials H-PET also offers positive aesthetic, commercial and environmental advantages as an alternative to polystyrene diverting from landfill. Stability issues are addressed with improved weight-to-strength ratio for top loading more resistant at lighter weights for over-wrapped products such as mushrooms.


The lightweight, low carbon material with organic and inorganic fillers is 100 per cent recyclable in the waste stream, due to its composition - a strategically blended combination of r-PET with organic and inorganic fillers. It has a texture that is touch- irresistible. This year Holfeld and Waddington Europe also took the top award at the Worldstar event in the Food Packaging Category for their rPETeCO material.

*Polymer Processing Research Centre


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