Turning the tide - Holfeld's recruiting drive addresses a surge in new business

Posted by DavidRiley on March 9, 2015

Turning the tide – Holfeld’s recruiting drive addresses a surge in new business

 As some of the leading north European economies recover from recession manufacturers are making plans for the future with renewed gusto. Industry is again thinking positively about the path ahead and considering how best to walk it – one packaging manufacturer in Ireland is doing particularly well with round-the-clock 24 hour working to meet a high demand from UK and European customers enjoying those green shoots of recovery. Now they are about to launch a recruitment drive for a further 7 skilled setters and  operators to work in the busy extrusion plant. The successful candidates will undergo in-house training with continuous career improvement.


In Ireland there are some 179 companies involved in the plastics –producing sector with thousands of people directly employed in the Industry. In manufacturing generally some 134,000 people are employed representing 43% of industrial output.

There is a sustained recovery in the more traditional Irish manufacturing industries and Holfeld Plastics, located an hour south of Dublin in Arklow in Co Wicklow, is contributing to that recovery reversing the decline in the manufacturing sector by breaking the mould and recruiting new staff for its buoyant extrusion business currently reaping the benefits of the upturn.

But this isn’t the only reason for their success. They’ve recently been acquired by the US-based Waddington Group a highly successful and profitable global high end plastics manufacturer. This has given Holfeld a long awaited resurgence. New ownership by an influential group has instilled greater confidence and reassurance amongst its customers as well as opening up new opportunities for the company.

Business in film production is booming with orders coming in on a daily basis from the UK and mainland Europe. Their extrusion plant is now running 24/7 to maintain supply against a background of unprecedented demand.

In order to meet this demand new capital investment has, recently, been approved to significantly increase extrusion capacity for the industrial food and non-food packaging markets. This investment by the Waddington Group into Holfeld Plastics, so soon after acquiring it,  offers positive insight into the future plans it has for Holfeld as part of the rapidly evolving Waddington Europe company.

The production of high quality extruded film for other packaging suppliers and brand owners requires a wide range of computerised, state of the art equipment and a highly adept workforce. The highest standards of film quality using different raw materials, colours and gauges are paramount. Standards are exacting – this is a highly competitive marketplace yet Holfeld, with their 40 years experience, has earned a reputation the envy of the Industry.


Frank Coleman, Site Director at Holfeld said: ‘this is a great vote of confidence for the site so early in the acquisition process and a testimony to the dedicated and skilled workforce we employ. We welcome the opportunity to improve our position within our market sector where we already have a strong presence both in the UK and Europe in the meat, poultry, fish and fresh produce sectors. Our packaging lines are in every major supermarket with growing recommendation from household brands’.

This branch of manufacturing is playing a pivotal role in the recovery from recession providing new, semi-skilled employment where new recruits can learn and develop their skills within an innovative and fast moving sector.