Take a fresh look at Holfeld's extended Vacuum Skinpacks

Posted by admin on September 8, 2016

Holfeld has published a brand new buyer's guide covering the full range of 12 Vacuumed Skinpack Trays including DOT trays. These are available in rPET/PE, r-PET/Mono, PP/PE/EVOH and r-PET/PE Peel with padded options.


The range offers:

  • The development of a base web suitable for skinpack applications
  • For retailers shelf space optimisation - vertical, shingled or hung display
  • SRP solutions including shelf loading costs
  • Enhanced product shelf life
  • Easy to open peel back at the corner of the packaging
  • Secures and protects products
  • Manufactured in at least 50% recycled PET
  • Boneguard and Butter insert trays in microwaveable PP/PE
  • Bespoke options available
  • Compatible with a wide range of top film manufacturers offering a cohesive seal failure witness marking

 Please download the guide HERE