No Sweat!

Posted by DavidRiley on September 2, 2015

No Sweat

Hydrozorb (H-PET) is a new packaging material perfectly designed to reduce surface tension and capture condensation  in pre-packed produce such as mushrooms offering improved shelf life over standard r-PET. Hydrozorb is a finalist at the Starpack Awards 2015.


The lightweight, low carbon material with organic and inorganic fillers is 100% recyclable in the waste stream – a strategically blended combination of r-PET with organic and inorganic fillers. 


H-PET has all the commercial advantages of Polystyrene with none of the environmental consequences. Styrene is not acceptable in the mainstream waste collections, some Councils have refused to accept it as part of their doorstep collections.


Holfeld Plastics is a member of Waddington Europe and is renowned for its materials technology. In 2014 it came top in the Starpack Greenstar Sustainable category and later took the top award at the Worldstar event in the Food Packaging Category.