Keelings fruits and salads are singing our praises

Posted by RobertByrne on May 3, 2016


All sweetness and light

Sweet solutions in packaging design have helped nurture a growing partnership between Keelings soft fruit growers and Waddington Europe (Holfeld Plastics), delivering, low carbon, lightweight soft fruit punnets to the leading high street retailers throughout Ireland and the UK. 


The HP37 with sloping base vents

A sweet partnership

Keelings have long recognised Holfeld for their new product development, in-house tooling, extrusion, materials technology and creative packaging design skills. All fully driven by an on demand internal and external sales support and technical backup and an OTIF performance envied throughout the Industry.  The relationship harks back to a Holfeld’s dedicated range of punnets, later Keelings partnered Holfeld in the launch of the HP37 range of punnets.


All about Keelings

Keelings is a family owned Irish company.  One of the largest berry growers dedicated to growing and the soft fruit industry, and now using the last word in lightweight, low carbon recyclable punnets supplied by Holfeld Plastics.

The Keeling’s family expertise in growing dates back to 1926 when they established their first farm. They began growing fruits and salads and supplying them to the local Dublin markets. With such a long history of growing, Keelings know a thing or two about fruit, distributing the best varieties of berry fruits, cherries and apples into many leading retailers throughout Ireland.  Keelings invests in new product research each year and has circa 70 varieties on trial at any one time.  

The family farm produces soft fruit on circa 450 acres and includes strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and mixed berry packs as well as cherries and dessert apples.

Carbon-busting lightweight punnets

Keelings is a major customer for Holfeld Plastics taking a wide & growing range.  Carbon footprints are a major consideration – so the choice of Holfeld as an Irish-based supplier with a European reputation offered the perfect synergy with their own ambitions.

Both companies believe in lightweight packaging, using less material without compromising on pack integrity. The HP37 range was specifically engineered with the environment in mind. Fuelled by the ever-changing needs of customers and strong environmental considerations working together in close partnership they have set the highest standards in new product design.

The design has sloping lateral vents in the base allowing ventilation even when the punnets are stacked and in transit. This greatly increases shelf life by reducing in-pack condensation. 

Holfeld has worked closely with Keelings to produce the bespoke HP37/35 – a split punnet specially created for mixed fruits, blueberries and raspberries.

Any successful organisation naturally makes demands on its suppliers and Keelings is no exception. Delivery of great quality berries from the field to the consumer’s table in peak condition is paramount for Keelings.  The light weight Holfeld punnet is the perfect solution.

‘No one is doing what Holfeld is doing’ said Conor Kilduff, Sales & Marketing Director with Keelings. ‘There are significant benefits to be had dealing with a packaging manufacturer that not only clearly interprets, but also challenges our brief to deliver over and above expectations.‘