It's Showtime with Holfeld's Skinpacks

Posted by DavidRiley on March 13, 2017

It's showtime with Holfeld's skinpackaging. They've been working in collaboration with principal top skin providers to perfect seal technology for the Holfeld range of Vacuumed Skin Packaging.


Packaging needs to stand out. To show off. The fact is the majority of new products fail through flawed and poor packaging. In a large retail outlet key purchasing decisions are made in an instant. Shoppers can pass 600 items a minute so competition for shelf space and attention is intense. Product differentiation is critical. VSP provides that essential added value offering an irresistible vitality to meat and fish products both in freshness of colour and eye-catching, natural relief, shelf life is extended and leakage minimised.


As well as being eye-catching Holfed VSP trays offer retailers flexibility differentiating and tiering fresh meat ranges. Trays can be displayed horizontally, vertically, shingled or hung optimising  on premium shelf space. The trays are provided in a blend containing up to 90% recycled PET supercleaned by Holfeld under their control guaranteeing perfect, unblemished film without risk of contamination. Holfeld's range can be used on suitably modified tray sealing machines. They are compatible with all vacuum film allowing flexibility of supply.

The range is continually being updated and broadened.


Butter insert and bone guard trays - PP/PE trays 

Holfeld manufactures PP/PE trays especially for the meat and fish markets. These can be offered with an EVOH barrier further extending shelf life. The company has also created a base web suitable for skinpack applications demonstrating excellent sealing characteristics with a wide range of top skin applications.

Holfeld provides VSP trays across a selection of its flagship 'D' range in r-PET/PE, r-PET/Mono, PP/PE/EVOH with padded options available. Holfeld's Vaccumed Skinpackaging offers a cohesive seal failure witness marking.