Holfeld take Worldstar Award for the second year running

Posted by DavidRiley on December 7, 2015



No one is doing what Holfeld (part of Waddington Europe) is doing to develop environmental materials for our times. Holfeld Plastic’s material development  is envied throughout the thermoforming industry  - the company’s confidence in developing and successfully marketing /launching new materials to meet market demands has paid dividends and stretches back over the decades.



Back to back success at the Packaging Industry’s leading premier Starpack and Worldstar Awards for two successive years is unprecedented – following success at both events in 2014 at the UK’s Starpack Awards  and in  2015 at the Worldstar awards with their rPETeCO  material this year they have triumphed yet again with Hydrozorb H-PET . This is a pioneering example of Holfeld’s materials development and continuous product innovation – H-PET  is a substitute for styrene and a lightweight low carbon carefully blended combination of r-PET with organic calcium carbonate, chalk and inorganic fillers. It demonstrates altered characteristics from conventional r-PET with all the commercial advantages of polystyrene but without the environmental impact. With surface tension reduced up to 625%* more moisture is captured than PP improving the shelf-life of  perishable mushroom and soft fruits.


The H-PET material is manufactured with less petro-chemical content – up to 20% is composed of inorganic filler the resultant blend is then tested and meets the approval of EU Regulation No 10/2011 for plastic materials intended to come into contact with food. The remainder of the material is a minimum of 50% post- consumer waste and can be up to 100% post - consumer waste.  Stability issues have been addressed with improved weight-to-strength ratio for top loading more resistant at lighter weights for over-wrapped products such as mushrooms


Holfeld Plastics has enjoyed unprecedented demand for its roll film turning up the heat on food contact films creating a significant demand and order input.  The company was the first to develop an eCOPET vacuumed skinpack range of packaging for the meat and protein sectors. Business in film production is booming with orders coming in on a daily basis from the UK and mainland Europe. The company’s extrusion plant  is now running 24/7 to maintain supply against a background of consistently strong demand.

To meet this demand new capital investment is planned to significantly increase extrusion capacity for the industrial food and non-food  packaging markets. This offers positive insight into the future  for Holfeld  part of the rapidly evolving Waddington Group a confidence that will be shown in all companies under the Waddington Europe banner.


*The Polymer Processing Research Centre, Queens University, Belfast