Holfeld Plastics - the GROWING force in soft fruit packaging rivaling the best in the industry

Posted by RobertByrne on July 7, 2016

Take a fresh look at Holfeld Plastics & Waddington Europe

- the new GROWING force in soft fruit packaging

Having extended its soft fruit punnet range it now rivals the very best that the packaging industry can offer.

Following investment in Holfeld's manufacturing capabilities three exciting new soft fruit punnet ranges have been added to the existing portfolio - the M81, HP30 & HP37 all available in varying depths.

Family-sized HP80 range in sizes 56, 70 & 85mm


Addressing consumer demand for promotional, family-sized packs the company has developed a new deep family-sized strawberry punnet range - the HP80 in sizes 56, 70 and a generous 85mm depth. The range continues with the market requirements for top sealing and are laterally vented to reduce condensation and improve airflow even when the punnets are stacked.

The new M81 range available in depths 30, 40, 50, 70 & 85mm


The new HP30 range is available in depths 34, 60 & 75mm


Holfeld has also released the HP37 Divide (184x118x35mm deep) with and without padding for two fruit varieties


Take a fresh look at Holfeld - now there is even greater flexibility and choice in the soft fruit packaging portfolio.