Holfeld Plastics launches new Roll Film Website

Posted by DavidRiley on January 15, 2016

Holfeld Plastics, part of Waddington Europe launches new roll film website

Film stars triumph at Holfeld.

Roll film has a leading role at Holfeld Plastics part of Waddington Europe. An ever growing demand for roll film at the company’s Co. Wicklow-based  site means that the extrusion hall is now running 24/7 to maintain a supply against a background of unprecedented demand. This demand is boosted by a succession of major successes in the UK’s and the World’s premier awards – the Starpak Award and the Global Worldstar Award  for advanced materials technology in the development of low carbon rPETeCO and Hydrozorb H-PET.

This success has been further reinforced by a brand new website devoted entirely to roll stock – the website can be visited at www.holfeldplastics.com/rollstock


To meet the ever increasing  demand significant  capital investment has now been agreed to significantly increase extrusion capacity for the industrial food and non-food packaging markets.  Brand owners and packaging competitors alike increasingly recognise that Holfeld drives the market for extrusion expertise and materials excellence.

No other packaging manufacturer has been recognised for 3 years running in two major  packaging Industry awards – in 2014 Holfeld developed rPETeCO a low carbon, lightweight  multi market packaging material – it won both the UK’s Starpack Award in 2014 and in 2015 the Global Worldstar Award for sustainable materials. Then in 2015 Holfeld presented Hydrozorb H-PET to the Industry a material that captures 625% more moisture in mushroom and soft fruit packaging than PP  – again Holfeld succeeded in claiming first prize at Starpack 2015 and this year in 2016 will be collecting the Worldstar trophy for H-PET.

Holfeld was the first manufacturer to receive a ‘thumbs up’ for the exclusive Diamat technology – key in house decontamination processes leading to the successful production of PET sheets with more than 50% recycled post consumer PET.

Frank Coleman, Site Director said ‘ Our superclean extrusion processes provide our customers and the consumer  a level of sheet integrity that is second to none.  The decontamination process is the nub it involves 50% PET and 50% Virgin flake being heated in a reactor resulting in the crystallisation of the flake. The flakes are then decontaminated through two consecutive  extrusion steps including multiple vacuum de-gassing. The sheets are then extruded and examined in a rigorous quality control environment  for intrinsic viscosity, colour, deformities, blemishes and specks.’

The new investment  to keep pace with Holfeld’s burgeoning roll film orders offers positive insight into the future plans Waddington’s have for Holfeld’s extrusion knowledge and expertise .