Holfeld Plastics launch new product catalogue

Posted by DavidRiley on October 24, 2016

Holfeld Plastics, a member of Waddington Europe has spent several months planning and designing a no -nonsense on-line products catalogue that they say will deliver fast search results for buyers of fresh produce, soft fruit, red meat, poultry and fish packaging.


Holfeld say that they recognise that buyers are under pressure and simply need a non-nonsense products catalogue – a simple selection identification format that cuts through the gobbledygook presented by many sites. From the moment you land on the Holfeld website the company says that the product catalogue is instantly visible and the buyers can short-circuit the normal cluttered and confusing navigation bars on many sites.

The new products catalogue navigation allows a faster and more efficient journey to product. The products in the fresh produce and protein categories have been re-grouped under more appropriate headings and an all-together more user-friendly on line products catalogue.



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