Holfeld Plastics is ensuring its Skinpack range is ahead of the pack

Posted by DavidRiley on June 22, 2016

PP/PE skinpacks for microwaves and Base Web for Darfresh applications all part of Holfeld's NPD for Skinpacks

Holfeld Plastics (part of Waddington Europe) is ensuring it stays ahead of the pack in the development and launch of Skinpack trays for the seafood, red meat and poultry markets. A current advertising campaign in 'Meat Trades Journal' supports their position in this burgeoning market.

Following 3 years of success in winning top industry accolades for materials technology it only stands to reason that they would be setting the agenda for new product development in Skinpacks.


An example of Skinpack for Rudds - for the case study visit HERE

Skinpacks for microwaveable use

Holfeld Plastics now manufactures PP/PE trays for microwaveable use especially for the fish sector, these can also be offered with EVOH barrier extending shelf life.


Photograph shows left: Butter insert tray - right: Bone Guard tray

Holfeld has also developed a base web suitable for Darfresh applications demonstrating excellent sealing characteristics with a wide range of top skin applications.

Holfeld is already providing skin-packed trays across a selection of its flagship 'D' range in r-PET, r-PET/PE peel, r-PET/peel EVOH.

Vacuumed skin-packaging (VSP) has come of age - it is now becoming widely accepted throughout Europe as the packaging of choice for packers, retailers and consumers.

Visit the Skinpack online product catalogue HERE