Holfeld Freshens up its VSP range of Meat Packaging

Posted by DavidRiley on December 9, 2016

December -2016 - Food & Drink Business Europe

Holfeld has freshened up its VSP Vacuumed Meat and Fish Skin Packaging range


Meat and Fish has never looked so good on the supermarket shelf. Holfeld knows the value of sustainable packaging in the meat industry. Their VSP range has recently been extended taking into account portion size, sustainability, good looks and, above anything else, freshness.

With consumers suggested to spend three times the amount of time selecting meats compared with any other foodstuffs shelf appeal is a significant determinator of choice - skinpacks offer a more 'natural' appearance - they extend shelf life, to the processor they offer operational efficiencies with direct on-tray vacuum packing and from a retailers point of view packs can be displayed horizontally, vertically, shingled or hung. They remove the need to touch the product and are a more efficient barrier to oxygen maintaining a more natural meat freshness and apperance over a longer period of time.


Holfeld's VSP range secures and protects products in the supply chain. there are boneguard and butter tray insert trays. There are trays in rPET/PE and PP/PE with bespoke options available. 


All Holfeld's trays are compatible with a wide range of top film manufacturers offering a cohesive seal failure witness marking. 

Holfeld Plastic's is providing skinpack trays across a selection of its flagship 'D' range in rPET/PE, rPET/Mono, PP/PE/EVOH as well as offering padded options. There are 12 different profiles currently on offer and more products are continually being added to the range.