H-PET takes centre stage at Packaging Innovations

Posted by DavidRiley on February 26, 2016

Visitors to the stand at Packaging Innovations were well up on last year. Business expectations are very high. We greeted old, existing and new customers - there was a great deal of interest in rPETeCO and Hydrozorb (H-PET) both Starpack and Worldstar winners. This year H-PET, developed by Holfeld Plastics part of Waddington Europe, is being presented with a top sustainability award at the Worldstar Awards in Budapest, Hungary - it's the premier award in the packaging calendar and the most acknowledged within the Industry.


Interest was highlighed at the EcoPack Challenge where H-PET was presented. A large crowd gathered to listen to the presentation by Waddington Europe. The Challenge increased interest from both protein and produce buyers.

Waddington Europe represents four companies all with diverse product ranges and expertise - Par-Pak Europe for bakery and confectionery, Holfeld Plastics for protein and produce packaging, Deltaform and Chiltern Thermoforming for Dairy, Convenience, soft fruit and protein packaging. This 'one stop' coverage greatly facilitates buyers looking for on demand ranges across all food markets, bespoke design competencies, technical support.