BreakAway -a breakthrough in tamper-visible packaging

Posted by DavidRiley on July 28, 2015



Smart Packaging flags up tampering

Introducing Break-Away – tamper visible containers

New to the market and exclusive to Waddington Europe (Par-Pak) – the unique Break-Away closure prevents tampering. A Tamper Visible ‘flag’ indicates that the package has been opened. The tamper-evident device is available in tubs and trays and is suitable for the soft fruit, bakery and confectionery markets.

When bought the perfect closure helps keep the soft fruit fresher for longer extending shelf life.



Imaginative packaging encourages healthier eating

The tubs and trays can be conveniently stored in a domestic refrigerator for a week-long supply of children’s desserts  for school lunchboxes, at parties or summer picnics.


Easy tamper –proof mechanism

Simply press the seal then squeeze to ‘break’ on the hinge and open. The extended ‘flags’ indicate that the pack has been tampered with.

Key features

Unique Break-Awayclosure prevents tampering

No shrink bands required

No tear strip to discard

Leak resistant

Excellent stackability for improved merchandising and optimising on shelf space

Manufactured in r-PET

The product is unique to Waddington Europe - further information, technical details, range and prices can be obtained from:
Jonathan M Watkins - Business Development Director
Mob: 0044 (0)7985 214457