Be inspired...pushing boundaries in bespoke packaging

Posted by DavidRiley on July 7, 2015

It’s a ‘we can’ mentality at Waddington Europe and their member company Par-Pak Europe when it comes to bespoke packaging design – there are no boundaries – limited only by the imagination Par-Pak has a long and inspired reputation in building  shelf – stopping  appeal, excitement, practicality and functionality into their bespoke designs.



The perfect drinks can holder for the ruby season

Developing themes around seasonal events is a speciality at Par-Pak.

There is the Halloween skull developed for ‘halloween cakes’ or the rugby ball – shaped ‘tee’ to hold canned drinks celebrating sporting events.


All set for Halloween - the cake Skull

Packaging innovation showcases creativity and premium design – working closely with customers – specialist designers  create computer models  turning on screen inspiration into reality – a complete package from design concept to manufacture, all in house from their extrusion and forming plant in Milton Keynes.


Ruby ball and tee