And products fly...

Posted by DavidRiley on November 6, 2016

Shelf Ready Packaging is offered by Waddington Europe providing efficiencies back and front of store. SRP has the ability to help products fly off the shelf - with every piece of collateral having to earn its place in a store SRP is having its day improving cost efficiencies and with more retailers demanding SRP Waddington Europe has a head-start in R&D and Innovation.

For buyers of red meat, poultry, fish, soft fruit, fresh produce, bakery, confectionery, dairy and covenience Waddington Europe has a range of packaging that delivers results throughout the supply chain.


'W' SRP Straight on tray with a range of sloping SRP trays from Par-Pak a member of Waddington Europe

The pressure is on shelf stackers  - the result is often slow and sometimes non-existent replenishment leaving shelves empty and disappointing customers. Shelf-ready packagng is a simple and effective answer.

SRP provides improved shelf space efficiencies - rigid plastic is increasingly recognised as a more robust and better quality alternative to corrugated or folding SRP carton solutions. These perform badly in chilled environments. It has been proven that rigid SRP withstands the rigours of the supply chain and in particular transport, better than corrugated or cartons. Some 24%* of the market now prefer rigid plastic and this preference is growing. 



'W' SRP straight on tray

Eye-catching shelf-ready packs provide enhanced stand-out on shelf as well as making the products eassier to handle back and front of store. With pressure from the discounters major retailers are re-thinking their strategies and keeping costs to a minimum so shelf-ready packaging is a priority when it comes to cost savings.

SRP reduces the need to constantly replenish which is time consuming and labour intensive customers are never disappointed by a missing product.