A new issue of PakTalk is now published

Posted by DavidRiley on November 29, 2016


Holfeld Plastics and Par-Pak Europe are members of the Waddington Europe Group and offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of Shelf-Ready Packaging. The latest issue of PakTalk covers SRP. Visit HERE


SRP provides improved shelf space efficiencies - rigid plastic is increasingly recognised as a more robust and better quality alternative to corrugated or folding SRP carton solutions.These perform badly in chilled environments.

It has been proven that rigid plastic SRP withstands the rigours of the supply chain and in particular transport, better than corrugated or cartons.

Some 24%* of the market now prefer rigid plastic SRP to corrugated or carton alternatives - a growing market. To view the range of SRP packaging visit the catalogue HERE