East End Nurseries - Hull

Kevin Hobson, Nursery Manager for East End Nurseries said:

'We are delighted with the performance of Holfeld - with their product delivery, their customer service, both internally and externally and in the consistent quality of their punnets'.



Out of the strong comes sweetness

'No one is doing what Holfeld is doing' said Conor Kilduff, Keeling's Sales and Marketing Director 'there are significant benefits to be had dealing with a packaging manufacturer that not only clearly interprets but also challenges our brief to deliver over and above expectations' 


Fresh & Pack Services BV

Robert Niigh Managing Director said:

'Our customer wanted a softer more 'natural feel' for their product. They also wanted the same mechanical properties as barrier, sealability and other properties for their packing lines. Holfeld can meet a lot of these wishes with their rPETeCO product. Our customer has succeeded with this tray a new proposition in his marketplace for biological meat products'.


Underwood Meats

It took just 24 hours to help Underwood Meats secure a slice of new business with a brand new packaging design for a major new customer.

Richard Mather, Commercial Manager said: 'We wanted a G485/35 Fin tray as part of a delivery for a new and significant customer. We gave Holfeld and its pattern makers what would have been to many suppliers an impossible delivery demand. Trays were approved, ordered and delivered within a week. I was absolutely delighted'.


IVG White

IVG White is part of the International division of the Keeling Group of Companies.

Holfeld's association with IVG White is through HL Hutchinson. IVG White's Packaging Manager Keith Gordon said: 'Holfeld is my preferred supplier as their punnets fit well on all our machines including lidding and de-nesters.'

Mark Orton of HLH commented: 'There are no problems with stock and supply and quality is consistent, deliveries on time to budget and specification - the punnets are priced competitively. Holfeld's performance allows IVG White to get on with the business of running their company rather than worrying about packaging supply'.


Produce Packaging

Holfeld Plastics is now the leading supplier of soft fruit punnets to Produce Packaging, a division of HL Hutchinson.

'Holfeld Plastics has been recognised by Produce Packaging for its breadth of packaging knowledge, its all-encompassing portfolio for all types of berry fruits, for its materials technology, its in house bespoke design facilities and its environmental aspirations'.


Our relationship with Holfeld Plastics stretches back a number of years, we have found them to be extremely reliable in all facets of their operation. Flexible in their production and strive to meet the moving demands of our market and client base. They offer clear and effective communications channels and we're always kept informed of the progress of orders and deliveries. Their trays are very competitively priced and their technical assistance and back-up also merit top marks.

Sunpack Sundolitt

Tendercut Meats

We enjoy an excellent working relationship with Holfeld and we are confident of their assistance on all aspects of our business. They also represent excellent value for money and have been a valued partner in helping us make the move to more environmentally friendly trays. We find them a pleasure to deal with.

Mike Oakley,
Packaging Manager,
Tendercut Meats.


We enjoy a highly successful partnership with Holfeld and are consistently delighted by their excellent mix of competitive pricing, service excellence and superb technical backup. They’re easy to deal with and are always available to advise us on better and smarter ways of doing things.


Greiner Packaging Ltd.

We're delighted to be dealing with Holfeld for the supply of RPET sheet and collator trays for our customers. They are totally reliable and have the same attitude to customer satisfaction as we ourselves have. They have an utter respect for deadlines and simply never let us down.

Jarek Zasadzinski,
Greiner Packaging Ltd.

New England Seafoods

We’ve enjoyed a superb level of support from Holfeld over the years, both in terms of technical innovation and new product development. It’s the nature of our business that orders are often placed late, but we’ve never been let down by Holfelds. They offer really tight lead times on tooling, something which is hugely attractive to innovators like ourselves. Their customer service is second to none and they're a highly value contributor to our success.
Galina Crookes
Category Buyer
New England Seafood International